Daily Ritual

07 Jan 2014

I have read Daily Rituals and recommend to anyone interested in knowing how great people used to manage their time and get deep work done.


Testing my REST API

29 Dec 2013

Early this month I have started a journey with Javascript on the server side and Nodejs by creating this simple time-tracking tool application. After initial domain design specification - DDD yeah, I wanted to specify a REST API that would provide a simple CRUD set of operations.


Hack the World

21 Dec 2013

Anybody can learn to code. That’s the motto of code.org. They have this amazing infographic showing the gap of Computer Science compared to other math and science disciplines among other interesting facts. http://code.org/stats


TDD with Mocha in Nodejs

15 Dec 2013

My journey with Nodejs has just started but I don’t want to throw away all the best practices and knowledge I have accumulated through the years working with other programming languages and technologies. If I had to summarize all knowledge assimilated in all those years in one word it would be: TDD.


Not Falling Behind Again

11 Dec 2013

When I first saw the famous Ruby on Rails demo by David Heinemeier back in 2005, I was doing J2EE development for a Germany ERP company. Back in there Java was the most cool thing for the present and the future in my own world. My first reaction to RoR was: WOW! That is really cool. But then none of my friends really cared about it, and the senior people I used to work with were completely skeptical. “You can do the same thing in Java” and “This is not for serious business” were what I heard most. I didn’t know in who to believe honestly.